King Mohammed VI Promotes Greater Understanding Of Islam In Guinea


2014-03-05 10:35:33 (GMT) ( – News, World News)

HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, accompanied by the Guinean President Alpha Conde, visited on Tuesday King Faisal Mosque in Conakry.

After performing the mosque greeting prayer (Tahiyyat-al-Masjid), His Majesty the King donated 10,000 copies of the Holy Quran to the Secretariat General of Religious Affairs in Guinea.

These copies, published by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Holy Quran Publishing, will be distributed in different mosques in the Republic of Guinea. This is the first batch of copies of the Holy Quran offered as part of the implementation of the royal instructions, to the Foundation, on meeting the needs of western African countries for Quran copies according to the Warsh version from Nafi, chosen by the Kingdom and these countries.

HM the King, who was accompanied by President Alpha Condé followed explanations on the restoration project of the King Faisal Mosque, which will be led by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs on the instructions of the Monarch. This project, which comes at the request of the Guinean authorities, includes waterproofing, repair of electrical installations, restoration of wood and metal joinery and painting. The restoration of this mosque, at a cost of 5 million dirhams, will be implemented over a period of six months, part of the high royal concern vis-à-vis mosques and their role in supporting the faithful.

The project also reflects the strong religious and spiritual ties between Morocco and Guinea.

Note :

We are more than happy if His Majesty King Muhammad VI consider our Muslims Sisters and Brothers in Sierra Leone, the Neighbor of the Guinea Conakry.

We was here for 10 days full and visited several mosques, and now we are preparing to send a garment to the kids, a children of the Mosques Jamaah, but they need Qur’an more than Guinea Conakry Muslims.

If needed this is our office in jakarta :

Puri Kemayoran THB2 , jalan landas pacu Selatan 6 jakarta – Indonesia

We are a friend of Mr. Jamal Basmelleh the Honorary Consul General of Morocco in Surabaya.


With President of Sierra Leone


With Honorable Alpha Kanu ( A close friend of President HE Alpha Konde) and the UN Ambassador to Sierra Leone


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