Saudi (1)

Saudi Crown Prince arrives in the Maldives on an Official Visit
28 February 2014, Ref: 2014-134

The Crown Prince, Deputy Premier and the Minister of Defence of the ‎Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Royal Highness Salman bin Abdulaziz Al ‎Saud has arrived in ‎the Maldives this afternoon. He was greeted, on arrival at ‎Ibrahim Nasir ‎International Airport by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul ‎Gayoom.‎

A brief meeting was held between President Yameen and Prince Salman at the ‎V.V.I.P Lounge at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. ‎

The official welcome ceremony for the Crown Prince was held in Male’, at the ‎Jumhooree Maidhaan, opposite the official jetty. ‎

A bugle call was sounded on the arrival of Crown Prince at the Official Jetty. ‎President Yameen and Prince Salman then proceeded to the Saluting Dias. ‎Prince Salman was ‎then given a 7-Gun Salute. The national anthems of the ‎two countries were ‎played. Prince Salman then proceeded to inspect a guard ‎of honour.‎

During the welcome ceremony held at Jumhooree Maidhan, Prince Salman ‎was introduced to Vice President ‎Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, Ministers, ‎State Ministers and other senior ‎government officials. ‎

The members of the Saudi delegation were then ‎introduced to President ‎Yameen.‎


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