ICDL in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone’s Minister of information and communications,Hon. Alpha Kanu has informed colleague Ministers of Information and communication Technology at the inaugural commonwealth ICT Ministers forum held at Marlborough house,London to introduce “COMPUTERACY”in the national education programs and policies if ICTs are to be used effectively.


ICT according to Minister Alpha Kanu is a knowledge based industry that enhances social and economic development and therefore urged commonwealth member states to adopt the INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER DRIVING LICENSES(ICDL)which would be implemented in Sierra Leone very soon. Minister Alpha Kanu,continue to say that there should be effective pre-service and in-service teacher training in the appropriate and effective use of ICTs in education. The introduction of the e-governance can only succeed of civil servants are trained on how to use the computer.
On the issue of the Cyber security,he continued,the Sierra Leone Police has a Cybercrime unite that investigates crimes committed in cyberspace. He appealed to the commonwealth secretariat and the commonwealth Telecommunications organization to build the capacity of not only the police as an institution but all government institutions as well as schools and colleges on the use of the computer in Sierra Leone.
The commonwealth secretariat will assist e-governance programs in member states such as Seychelles,Sierra Leone,Swaziland,Tanga,Tuvalu and Vanuatu.and they are now presently developing a regional approach to e-governance that build on and leverage the experience gained. At end of the forum.the commonwealth ICT Minister unanimously agreed to meet annually to share views on progress made in their various countries with regards to the implementation of the cyber governance model. Hon. Alpha Kanu,also nominate Mrs. Omobola Johnson from Nigeria to serve in the capacity of Interim chairman of the commonwealth ICT Ministers forum.


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